Imperial Garden Egg Rolls made by the JYC Enterprise Company

JYC Foods

6200 Savoy Drive

Houston, Texas 77036

(713) 952-0777

I am never partial to frozen egg rolls or any type of frozen Chinese food because for the price that you pay to buy it from a supermarket, I find it cheaper to just buy from the local take-out place. The price is usually similar, and quality is much better.

The exception to this is the “Imperial Garden Egg Rolls” from JYC Foods out of Houston, Texas that creates this line of delicious egg rolls. The taste is exceptional and the fillings are very high quality. The flavors come in Lobster, Shrimp, Chicken, Pork and Vegetable but I am most partial to both the Shrimp and Chicken.

With both the Shrimp and the Chicken, the filling includes a nice portion of the main protein, cabbage, carrots, onions and spices. Larger than most restaurant egg rolls; the project can be taken from frozen to cooking in about twenty minutes in a 400-degree F oven.

My cooking advice for this product is to be sure that the oven has been properly heated in advance and to follow the cooking procedure of flipping the egg roll over for each ten-minute interval. For extra crispness, my advice is to leave them in the oven after you shut the oven off for an extra three minutes. It gives the wrapper an extra crunchiness.

The flavor is wonderful in that I find that you can really taste the main protein of each egg roll and the spices do a nice job enhancing the combination of all the ingredients. They are well spiced and there is a nice crunch to the outside wrapper. It is also oven-baked instead of deep fried which saves on the calories. It is nice addition to a meal of soups or as a quick snack after work or school.

What I also like about the product is that each individual egg roll has a packet of Duck Sauce included inside the wrapper which is nice when you do not have a jar of it in the house. It makes the eating experience even better.

The company also has a line of potstickers (dumplings), Spring Rolls and Edamame (beans) that I am sure of the same quality.

A short history of JYC Enterprise, Inc. (JYC Foods):

(From the company website)

The company was started in 2010 and the company’s founder, Dr. Gene Chung, has over 40 plus years’ experience in the food manufacturing business. Dr. Chung’s vision and passion is to provide the most delicious, authentic and premium quality Asian cuisine using the most wholesome and natural ingredients.

Dr. Chung earned a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. He uses his experience to develop many unique and innovative products in his own kitchen, such as the proprietary extra crispy egg roll wrapper that is used exclusively in our egg roll and spring rolls. JYC Foods is based in Houston, TX.

The products are ready for retail sale. The Spring and Egg Rolls are hand-rolled with a proprietary crepe wrapper that stays extra crispy.


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  1. jwatrel says:

    Don’t miss these delicious egg rolls in your local frozen food department. I discovered them in my local Dollar Tree and enjoy them as a snack all the time.

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