Welcome to Add This to Your Grocery List!

I have found that most people hate to grocery shop. I love it! I love roaming the isles looking at new products, trying new foods and finding new upcoming small vendors who are offering an array of innovative items.

Even though I consider myself a traditionalist and ‘brand loyal’ buying the same products for years like Crest Toothpaste, Zest Soap and Kellogg’s cereals, I like to also try new brands that might be on sale or offered at another store beyond the grocery store where I shop.

This blog was actually inspired by a trip to Dollar Tree. In the era of COVID, I like everyone else is trying to make the dollar stretch. Do not underestimate Dollar Tree and stores like it as they offer a vast array of grocery items for a dollar and its helps with the grocery bills.

I have found the quality of the products from these smaller manufacturers and food producers to be very high quality and the taste similar or even better than some of the well-known brands that I pay double for at my local ShopRite.

As a Culinary Arts and Hotel/Restaurant major hailing from the Hotel Schools at Michigan State University, Cornell University and the Culinary Institute of America, I want to continue to learn from the food manufactures, farmers and cooks/chefs how the industry operates. It is always good to support small companies especially those that are American based.

So, join me as I weave my cart down the aisles of our local food stores to find those products from small, mostly American made, companies to help support not just our countries manufacturing base but things that just taste good!

I hope you enjoy your grocery trip with me!


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  1. jwatrel says:

    Hi from Justin Watrel! Join me as we walk down the aisles of your favor grocery store to discover new food products to try.

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