Fast Bites Sandwiches by AdvancePierre Foods Inc. (Tyson Foods)

Fast Bites

AdvancePierre Foods Inc.

9990 Princeton Glendale Road West

Chester, OH 45246

1-877-447-3279/(513) 874-8741

There are times that I need to get a meal together fast or just need a quick snack as I am running out the door. One brand that I enjoy is the Fast Bites sandwiches for both breakfast and lunch. These convenient entrees are perfect when you just need something to eat and don’t have a huge appetite.

What’s nice about the Fast Bites sandwiches is that they microwave up in about one to two minutes, then you let them rest for less than a minute and they are ready to eat. I find them convenient when I am doing errands or projects around the house and I need to have breakfast or lunch on the run. They cook up perfectly and the quality is very good for a microwaved product.

Their breakfast sandwiches are delicious and a nice combination of flavors. I have had the Sausage and Cheese Biscuits, which microwave perfectly in about a minute and then let stand for about thirty seconds. It tastes even better when you add a freshly fried or scrambled egg to it. The buttery biscuit has a nice taste and compliments the American cheese in between the sandwich.

The Chicken biscuits you have to watch and cook a bit less or otherwise the chicken will become hard as well as the biscuits. Still the taste on both is well spiced and have a nice taste.

The Fast Bites Sausage & Cheese Biscuit

I am very impressed with both the Cheeseburgers, the regular and the minis, which cook up perfectly in a minute and a half. The beef has a nice, charred flavor to it and the bun cooks perfectly with the burger. With a dash of ketchup and some fresh pickles to finish them off taste just as good as a fast-food place.

The Fast Bites Cheeseburger

When you are in crunch time to get a snack or light meal off, these are the perfect alternative to cooking it yourself.

History of the AdvancePierre Foods Inc.:

The AdvancePierre Foods Inc. company is a combination of three different former food companies, Pierre Foods, Advance Food Company and Advance Brands. The company had processing centers in the Midwest specializing in bakery, meat processing and sandwich assembly products. In 2017, Tyson Foods acquired the company for 4.2 billion dollars (Dunn & Bradstreet).

Pierre Foods was founded in 1946 by lawyer turned chef Samuel Dinerman who specialized in selling frozen foods. Advance Food Company was founded in 1973 by Paul Allen and David Mclaughlin, who specialized in hamburger patties and breaded beef. The companies merged in 2010 specializing in new and growing categories (Businesses Unite: 2021 Ambition. Kelci McKendrick).


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  1. jwatrel says:

    Don’t miss the line of Fast Bites products in the frozen food section of the supermarket or vending machines.

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