Munch Rights Snacks by Wyandot Inc.

Munch Rights Snacks by Wyandot Inc.

135 Wyandot Avenue

Marion, OH 43302

(740) 383-4031

I recently came across Munch Rights snacks on a recent trip to Dollar Tree and have enjoyed the quality and taste of the three flavors that I have tried. Going from bag to bag I wanted to try them more.

First what I like about the Munch Rights snacks is that they have 0 trans fats, very low in saturated fats and low in calories. For people with special dietary concerns, the snacks are gluten free (due to their corn meal base) and Kosher. These guilty pleasures are a welcome to someone who absolutely loves Fried Extra Cheddar Cheetos. The problem I have like most snackers is that once I open the bag, I have to eat the whole thing because they are so addictive. Munch Rights takes that guilt away.

My favorite flavor is the Cheddar and Sour Cream puffs. These rich tasting treats have a sharp cheese flavor with hints of the sour cream when you bite into them. They might not be as intense in flavor as some of their competitors, but the taste is just as good. They have a nice snap to them making you want to devour the whole bag in one sitting (which is what I did).

The Cheddar and Sour Cream flavored puffs are my favorite.

The BBQ flavored puffs I tried on my next grocery trip, and these were a real surprise in that I am not a big fan of barbequed snacks. I really don’t like these versions in corn or potato chips, but these puffs had a milder flavor to them. They had a smokey tomatoey taste to them and I thought I tasted either honey or cinnamon to give them sweeter flavor. They also looked more natural than the coloring most snack food companies use to give them expected hue to the product. They also have a nice bite when eating them.

The BBQ Flavor to these puffs is a combination of smokey and sweet.

The recent bag of Munch Rights puffs I have been devouring are the Apple Cinnamon flavor which is the perfect dessert snack. These sweet treats are loaded with a cinnamon sugar coating that excite the tastebuds. The sweetened flavor comes out after eating a few of the snacks enjoying their sugary flavor with just a hint of the apple flavoring. I enjoy eating these in the morning at breakfast time. A perfect change from cereal.

The Apple Cinnamon Flavored puffs are a great dessert treat

Munch Rights snacks are that guilty pleasure that you can enjoy any time of the day and with the Super Bowl fast approaching, the perfect snack to root your favorite team with that evening.

When the store starts to carry the other flavors, I will be there to try them.

The History of the Wyandot Snack Inc.:

(From the corporate website)

It all started with family and an idea. Hoover and Ava Brown founded Wyandot Snacks under the original name Wyandot Popcorn Company in 1936. Over a decade, the Brown family formed a subsidiary company, Popped Right. Popcorn turned into puffed snacks, tortilla chips and corn chips. Business multiplied as we competed with Frito-Lay, supplying potato chippers and producing private label snacks for grocery chains. In 1989, the two companies merged to become Wyandot Inc.

People are increasing active and except healthier snack options and our focus has turned to better for you snacks. We want to continue creating snacks that make consumers feel good. In 2020, we became a Certified B Corporation. This designation helped us raise our standards and further define our passion for sustainability.

Today we are expanding our scope to ensure we create returns for all our stakeholders: our co-workers, our vendors, our customers, our community and our physical environment. We are proving that is possible.



  1. jwatrel says:

    Do not miss these healthier alternative snack foods. The flavors are creative and delicious.

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  2. jwatrel says:

    Reblogged this on mywalkinmanhattan and commented:

    I have to share this new snack I found on the grocery shelf. These puffs are amazing! I love munching on these for my walks.

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