Melster Candies Circus Peanuts by Impact Confections Inc.

Lester Candies/Impact Confections Inc.

4017 Whitney Street

Janesville, WI 53546

(608) 208-1100

Impact Confections Inc.

I have been in love with Circus Peanuts candies since I started eating. When I was little, we used to go to Joe’s Fruit Farm on Washington Valley Road in Bridgewater, NJ for our local fruits and apple cider. In the store front area of the farm (which was still going strong into 2006) used to have the old ‘penny candy’ jars.

When I was in elementary school, I used to go shopping with my mother there and used to beg for three things: red licorice strings, orange slices and Circus Peanuts. I still remember that little white bag I got filled with two of each (if I was good) and saved the Circus Peanuts for last.

Circus Peanuts by Melster Candies

I love the soft marshmallow consistency of these orange treats and the sweet taste of banana when you bite into them. Even after all these years, they still look and taste the same with their unique peanut look to them. It is nice to see that some companies do not change anything.

I like the way the sugary taste lingers in your mouth after biting into them. It is still one of my favorite candies along with orange slices (nothing changes for me). I also love the bite in them when you eat them in two mouthfuls. They are fun to make last.

The History of Melster Candies (now part of Impact Confections Inc.):

(Company website and Cambridge News Independent December 2019)

Melster Candies was founded in 1919 in Cambridge, WI by Harvey and Arthur Melster. The candy company was founded by their home under the watchful eye of their mother.

The Melster Candies logo

The company stayed in Cambridge, WI for 92 years until 2011 when a new facility was built in neighboring Janesville. The company had bought several candy companies over the years and increased their production lines to include cream drops and chocolate peanut butter kisses. The candies were made in the original factory that opened in 1935 until the new factory was built in 2011.

Impact Confections Inc. still uses the original recipe of Melster’s Candy and the look of the original molds in the peanut shape. The Melster line also includes holiday chocolate covered marshmallow Santas and snowmen. Impact Confections Inc. also makes all the Warhead products with their sweet/sour flavored candies.

Melster Candies Chocolate Marshmallow covered snowmen

In 2019, the factory production was bought by Kua Candy out of Mexico City in a partnership with Impact Confections Inc.



  1. jwatrel says:

    I have loved Circus Peanuts since I started eating. I had my first one when I was three years old and have not stopped eating them since.

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  2. jwatrel says:

    Reblogged this on mywalkinmanhattan and commented:

    This is my favorite candy of all time and another item I pack when I am on my walks around Manhattan.

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