Cheese Ravioli by Pede Brothers Incorporated

Pede Brothers Incorporated

582 Duanesburg Road

Schenectady, New York 12306

(518) 356-3042

I first discovered the ravioli from Pede Brothers in the frozen food section of Dollar Tree and for $1.00 a package I thought I might as well give them a try. I was surprised by how delicious they were when I made them at home.

First, these raviolis cook in about three minutes in boiling water and are perfect coming out of the pot. They are so tender on the outside and creamy from the ricotta cheese on the inside that they ooze when they are cut. They blend so well when they mix with the sauce.

What is nice about a package of their ravioli is that there is just enough for two people with a nice salad and garlic bread or nice sized meal for one person who is really hungry.

The best part is they taste homemade like they just came out of the box from a gourmet store. The Dollar Tree unfortunately does not carry any of their other products so I will have to search them out at another store.

Their frozen ravioli is excellent

History of Pede Brothers Incorporated:

(From the packaging and from the corporate website)

Pede Brothers Italian Specialty Foods Inc. has been family owned and operated for more than forty years. It’s a tradition that began in Rome, where as a teenager Romolo Pede Sr. first learned to make fresh pasta.

In 1967, Romolo Sr. started making this same pasta here in the United States, resolving to use nothing but the finest ingredients available. They opened their first storefront in Schenectady, New York and sold their products retail. The store still operates today.



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    Don’t miss this delicious ravioli from the Pede Brothers Inc.

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    Don’t miss these delicious products by Pede Brothers Inc. They are delicious.

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