Butter Cream Easter Egg by Lerro’s Candy Company

Lerro’s Candy Company

601 Columbia Avenue

Darby, PA 19023

(610) 461-8886


Lerro’s Candy Company shop

I had been shopping in the Boscov’s Department Store in Woodbridge Center in Woodbridge, NJ recently and I walked into their Candy Department on the second floor to admire all their candy selections.

The shelves were ladened with products from Hershey’s Easter candies which rang true for a department store company based in Pennsylvania. So many wonderful food companies are based in the Lancaster and surrounding communities.

On one table I eyed one of my favorite holiday treats on the display table near the register, a decorated butter cream Easter Egg by the Lerro’s Candy Company. The beautifully decorated egg came in two sizes, and I preferred the larger one that would last until Easter morning.

This sweet Easter Egg was nicely decorated with all sorts of flowers and edible embellishments. The center of the egg has a thick sugary filling, and it is enrobed by a thick layer of milk chocolate. I ate the egg in small stages, taking a slice a day until Easter. I enjoyed the combination of flavors.

Lerro’s Butter Cream Egg

The egg brought back many wonderful memories of waking up Easter morning and searching for the basket my mother (the Easter Bunny) would hide for us all over our house.

This sugary confection is a childhood memory with each bite. I am looking forward to tasting their other holiday items in the future.

History of Lerro’s Candy Company:

(Company website)

The Lerro Candy Company was founded in 1916 in Philadelphia, PA by Giovanni Lerro, who had been creating candies and ice cream by hand since the 1880’s. The ice cream and candy were made by hand by John while his wife, Anna, hand decorated the eggs in the back of the store they created.

In 1950, John’s two sons joined the business and moved the company to a bigger operation in Darby, PA. Now into the third and fourth generations, the company is being run by his great-grandson John.

The original family store still sells the namesake products while the bulk of the business is in wholesale.

Here are some additional articles on the company:



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    Don’t miss the delicious holiday treats from Lerro’s Candy Company.

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    Don’t miss the delicious holiday treats from Lerro’s Candy Company.

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