Toast’em Pop Ups by Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company

Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company

1133 West 35th Street

Chicago, IL 60609

(773) 927-6622

I love Toast’em’s. I had never been a big fan of toaster pastries, thinking that items like Pop-Tarts by Kellogg’s were for little kids. Over the last few years, I discovered Toast’ems when I was shopping at the Dollar Tree and needed to bring a snack with me on my walks in Manhattan in the afternoons. These delightful treats carry so well and there is such a variety of flavors to choose from.

The Frosted Strawberry Toast’em’s

You do not even have to heat these pastries as they are good just out of the bag. They have the same consistency as a Pop Tart at half the price and sometimes they have a bonus pack where you get an extra package of pastries for the same price.

The taste is delicious with fillings that include cherry, strawberry and cinnamon with a thick icing on the outside. These moist and crisp pastries have a nice, combined taste for breakfast or for a snack at any time of the day.

During the Fall season, they carry a Pumpkin Spice flavor that really had a nice rich flavor to it. You can really taste the pumpkin flavor mixed in with a dash of cinnamon. This delicious flavor ushers in the feeling of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The Pumpkin Spice Flavor is excellent

The consistency of the toaster pastries is wonderful and store well and last long. All the flavors have a nice taste without being overly sweet. The fruit flavors stay true to their type of taste. I have always liked the tartness of the cherry flavor.

What I like about the Toast’ems is when you bite into them, they have a thick crisp icing on the outside and inside a favorable gooey inside that flows out when you bite into them. They have nice combination of sweet flavors.

They are a nice alternative to a cookie or a fruit pie as an after school or something to sneak into your briefcase at work for the inner child in you. These nostalgic snacks are the perfect sugary treat.

The pastries have a nice look and taste (Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company)

History of Schulze and Burch Biscuit Company:

(From the company website)

Schulze & Burch’s almost 100-year history is a rich one filled with innovation, historic accomplishments and wholesome snacks, all powered by excellent teamwork. With more than 60 years of experience in contract manufacturing and more than 50 years of experience in private label, we know how to find the solutions to help your product succeeded.

1896: Paul Schulze Sr. established the Schulze Baking Company. Over the next three decades, it would become one of the largest commercial bread bakeries in the country.

1923: The Paul Schulze Biscuit Company was created from two small bakeries acquired by Paul Schulze after the sale of the bread business.

1933: The Burch Biscuit Company was organized as a subsidiary of Paul Schulze Biscuit Company.

1939: The companies were combined, and the name was changed to Schulze & Burch Biscuit Company.

1949: After spending much of World War II doing Army contract work, Schulze & Bruch focused again on high quality consumer products. The Flavor Kist brand was born with a wide variety of delicious cookies and crackers, including a revolutionary saltine cracker that was thinner, golden and packed in four wraps in every carton.

1950’s: Operations expanded to include two new ovens and the installation of a revolutionary bulk flour system.

1964: Schulze & Burch began manufacturing a new product, a toaster pastry, under the Toast’Em brand.

1980’s: Schulze & Burch produced the first dual textured cookie, chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

1990’s: Production bean on Snackin’ Fruits Pastry Bars, a new fruit filled product that came in cherry, apple and strawberry flavors.

2000’s: Schultze & Burch expanded with the addition of a plant in Searcy, AK and the acquisition of Yarnell’s Premium Ice Cream.

Our quality and food safety systems meet the strictest of global standards and are independently verified. Our three facilities can produce a variety of baked, formed and blended products, so we are positioned to help you bring your product ideas to market:

*Bars-formed, baked, chewy and crunchy

*Filled Products-toaster pastries and cereal bars

*Cookies and crackers-wire cut, laminated, extruded or rotary molded

*Cereal and ingredients-blended, coated or bases

The Company Mission:

Through long term partnerships in the food industry, we help strengthen consumer loyalties, enhance efficiency and build profitability by providing superior products and services at competitive prices.

We believe in conducting business in a constructive and ethical manner that is mutually profitable for our customers, employees, our supplier and the community. We expect a reasonable return on our investment and experience business growth by expanding sales and increasing profits.

Our commitment to the values of quality, credibility, cost effectiveness and people are keys to our success.



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    Don’t miss these tasty toaster pastries that make the perfect snack.

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    Don’t miss these delicious toaster pastries in a variety of flavors.

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    Don’t miss the Strawberry version. It is so good!

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    Try the Pumpkin Spice for the Fall holiday season. It is delicious!

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