Good Natured Selects Puffs and Vegables by Herr Foods Inc.

Good Natured Selects by Herr Foods Inc.

20 Herr Drive

Nottingham, PA 19362


When I was at the Specialty Foods Sumer Fancy Food Show this summer, there were many innovative snack companies that have been created manufacturing and marketing all sorts of chips, crackers and popcorn snacks of all flavors. Even the bigger companies are coming out with more specialty lines when Herr Foods introduced the ‘Good Natured’ line of snacks in 2013.

This selection of various flavored snack foods is a wonderful and diverse selection of tastes and shapes. The two that stood out for me at the show were the ‘Vegables’, which are small crispy triangles with the flavor of spinach, carrots and tomatoes with a slight saltiness and a fantastic crunch.

These delightful snacks have such a colorful appearance and when you bite into them pop in your mouth. Flavored with vegetables, these bright snacks will have any child munching away on these salty treats.

Good Natured Vegables

The other is their ‘White Cheddar Puffs’ that have a sharp cheesy flavor and a nice bite to them. I was able to bring samples home so that I could taste them a second time and the product is delicious.

The nice part of these puffs is that they are well coated, and you will want to lick the rest of the powder off your fingers. The sharp Cheddar taste is perfect for pairing with a meal and just as a snack.

Good Natured White Cheddar Puffs

The line is more extensive, but these were the two that stood out to me most at the show. There is a lot of quality control and integrity in the products made by Herr’s Food Inc., and this starts at the top with the Herr family.

Mission of Herr Foods Inc.:

(From the company website)

Building a legacy based on honesty, authenticity and integrity. Herr’s strives to be an authentic symbol of goodness, through exceptional products, family-centered values and environmentally friendly actions.

“Herr’s Forever Good” is our written commitment of that goal-to always stive for integrity, kindness and authenticity in every facet of our company. Good transcends trends and outlasts adversity. As long as good is good, Herr’s will forever be Herr’s.

History of the Herr Foods Inc.:

(From the company website)

Herr Foods Inc. story began in 1946 when 21-year-old James Stauffer Herr buys a small potato chip company in Lancaster, PA, for $1,750. In 1947, the business moves into a vacated tobacco shed on the Herr family farm. As he learns more about the business, Jim Herr develops new and better cooking processes, and a delicious snack food becomes even better. As demand for Herr’s Potato Chips grows, so does the company.

Over the next 80 years the company has expanded, adding a sustainable farm for food and water waste and expanding the product line with many innovative flavors. Currently the third generation of Herr family members are joining the company.

The Good Natured Selects line was developed and marketed in 2013.



  1. jwatrel says:

    Don’t miss adding the Good Natured Selects line of salty and cheesy snacks to your grocery cart next time you are at the supermarket.

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    Reblogged this on mywalkinmanhattan and commented:

    Don’t miss adding this innovative line of salty and cheesy snacks to your grocery cart next time you are at the supermarket.

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