Crunch Factory Buffalo & Mac & Cheese Crunch Rolls 75 Bourne Street Westfield, NY 14787

Crunch Factory

75 Bourne Street

Westfield, NY 14787

(716) 525-2004

One of the stars of the both the New York International Restaurant Show and Fancy Food Show has been the Crunch Factory’s Crunch Rolls. These delicious deep fried appetizers have the most intense and rich flavor with each ingredient. The crispness of the rolls when they come out of the fryer are perfection and they crackle with every cut of the knife and every bite.

The Crunch Rolls in their deep fried perfection at the NY Restaurant Show

The Crunch Rolls come in six flavors: Mac & Cheese, Banana Pepper, Buffalo Chicken, Steak & Cheese (Philly Cheesesteak), Corned Beef Reuben and Pepperoni Pizza. The outside of each roll is layer which a breaded coating that when fried offers a crispy and crunchy consistency with each bite. The flavors are marvelous.

The Buffalo Chicken Crunch Rolls at last year’s show

The Mac & Cheese has the rich gooeyness of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese but with a sharper flavor and now you can hold Mac & Cheese in your hand. The rich Cheddar inside gives the well cooked pasta a nice base.

The Mac & Cheese Crunch Roll that I sampled at the show

The Buffalo Chicken Crunch Rolls are layered with spicy chopped breast of chicken in a rich sauce and are very generously filled. I tried the Banana Pepper last year and they were very good as well. The Steak & Cheese gave a new spin to the Philly Cheesesteak and offered the same delicious flavors as a sandwich on a roll but easier to hold in your hand.

This is a wonderful appetizer dish for any popular restaurant and a great snack for pizzerias looking for a new item to introduce. By the lines at the NY Restaurant Show, they were a huge hit with the people walking the show.

Our History:

In 2015, our family owned and operated restaurant opened its doors in the Queen City of Buffalo, New York. Tables were filled immediately and the first Crunch Roll was ordered as an appetizer. Thus, a new phenomenon was born. From that day forward, Crunch Rolls became the most highly demanded deep-fried crunchy goodness that Western New York has ever known. But that was only the beginning.

In two short years, Crunch Rolls became such a sensation that we launched Crunch Factory™ to reach the masses with our signature family recipe. Crunch Factory™ now serves over 3,000 locations across the country and is growing every day.

Director of Sales & Marketing for Crunch Factory, Darren Neaverth, serving Crunch Rolls to a very enthusiastic and hungry crowd of people at the NY Restaurant Show

The Crunch Factory Mission Statement:

We won’t stop until every snack lover in the country tastes what the hype is all about. We’re expanding into new markets every day and spreading the goodness of Crunch Rolls. Our mission is to build out the Crunch Factory™ name with new flavors, new products, and new ways of imagining hot crunchy snacks for the masses to enjoy.

The different flavors of Crunch Rolls



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    Don’t miss these excellent crunchy filled rolls that make the perfect appetizer and snack. They are filled with the most delicious ingredients.

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